“Geoff was hired as a consultant and mentor and he’s provided the highest level of service, bringing clear direction and order to our growing organisation. With his strong experience and commitment to the job he’s been able to pinpoint relevant details from complex surroundings, helping Art in Healthcare take major leaps in the right direction. Geoff is a great communicator, planner and has excellent interpersonal skills. He would be an asset to any team.”

Trevor Jones, Executive Director at Art in Healthcare

“Every time I contend with a difficult problem, I think, ‘What would Geoff do?’. He was an outstanding manager, going to the wall for our team again and again, which unfortunately is a rarity these days. He faced every challenge we came up against with creativity, flexibility, and good humour, which was an inspiration to us all.

The fact that the University’s 800th anniversary was such a huge success is down to his tenacity, diplomacy and skill. I can only hope that our professional paths will cross again!”

Sarah Collins, Marketing & Communications Manager at Cambridge Enterprise, University of Cambridge

“Working with Geoff on the 800th Anniversary was a phenomenal experience, both professionally and personally. Geoff was a fantastic manager who really united the small team put together for the project, always thinking of the team and fighting for the team, and I learnt a vast amount from him during the time we worked together.

Perhaps the best thing about working with Geoff is his focus on and belief in the importance of good ideas. He has the ability to come up with brilliant stuff that you can’t wait to get working on, and also recognise and foster good ideas in those he works with. Geoff encourages creativity, and an open, engaged atmosphere which allows people to think, grow, and produce genuinely original and inventive work.”

Fred Lewsey, Communications Officer at University of Cambridge

“Geoff created the vision, direction, team and network that propelled Wooden Spoon to being the national charity that it now is. Charities and organisations staffed by volunteers are always difficult to lead and Wooden Spoon has many talented individuals with strong passions amongst it members! Geoff sold a strong vision of the future to me and we wanted Kukri to be part of that journey”

Robert Perkins, CEO at inov-8